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Tips for Asking Questions

Making questions clear and specific will help you get direct answers

Examples of questions that can be improved: 

"Does Mary Smith love me?"

  • Why this is a fuzzy question:

    • Maybe Mary loves you, maybe she also loves others​, maybe she's conflicted, or in a relationship. Maybe she's interested in you in the short term, but doesn't understand what she wants long term. Maybe she loves you like a sister. Specify what aspect of the relationship you are interested in, and their name.   

  • These are more clear examples:

    • Is Mary Smith my soul mate? Will we be together in this life for a happy, extended period?

    • Does Mary Smith look like a good, long term business relationship partner?

    • Does a love relationship with Mary Smith look positive in the short term or long term?

"Should Bill Smith and I move in together?"

  • Why this is a fuzzy question:

    • Maybe this is great short term, but a disaster long term. Maybe it's too soon. Maybe one of you doesn't have enough money to support their end of the bargain. Maybe they are a terrific roommate but are not in love with you.  Specify the aspect of the partnership you are interested in, and their name.

  • These are more clear examples:   

    • Does it look beneficial for a long term, love relationship for Bill Smith and I to move in together?

    • Will Bill Smith be a trustworthy roommate, pay his bills and respect others' belongings?

    • What are some pros and cons of moving in with Bill Smith to have a long term love relationship?

If you want to discuss your situation, consider a One on One reading/healing 

See also Example Questions, and Rules of the Road

Example Questions
Example Questions


Example Questions:  

  • What past lives are reflected in my current life and what am I still working from them?

  • What do spirit guides want me to change or keep doing in my life?

  • What was my grandmother/grandfather/past relative like?  What was in their life?

  • What are my main spiritual lessons in this life?

  • In what ways will my current career path be fulfilling, or not?

  • What are my gifts as a soul?

  • What message does my mother, who has passed, have for me?   How is she?

  • What does my aura tell you about me?

  • What will I learn from my love life in this lifetime?

  • What do my past lives tell you about your current love life?

  • How is (name), my friend who died, doing? What did she learn from her life?

  • How will my current career be beneficial long term?

  • What changes will occur if I stay in my current job?

  • Is (name) trustworthy as regards a business relationship?

  • Does (name) want to have a long term love relationship with me?

  • What's going on that I struggle with fill-in-the-blank?

  • What changes will occur if I change my career?

  • How does my family see me?

  • What does the energy look like for me to have a pet?

  • What sort of pet would be interested in having me as their human?

  • What am I learning from the passing of my spouse/partner/friend/parent?

  • Where do the emotions in my life come from?

  • What does (name) want from me?

  • What happened in my life that is still affecting me?   What can I do to shift that?

  • Why do I always argue with my spouse/partner/friend/parent?

  • How does my current love interest see me?

Write your own question.   See Tips for Asking Questions, and Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road
Rules of the Road


12Suns honors who you are, your privacy, and the privacy of others

  • 12Suns does not perform detailed readings specifically of others in your life, for you

  • 12Suns respects you to make your own choices

  • 12Suns can look at the energy of products you are interested in, but we do not perform intuitive medical readings

You are the source of the reading, and of what you are learning in this life.  12Suns focuses on you, and honors and respects you

See Tips for Asking Questions, and Example Questions

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