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Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant Readings

What's going on in your life?  What is spirit trying to tell you?  Feeling stuck?  Just curious?

In clairvoyant readings, we tune into you and see what's going on. We communicate with you in spirit, check with your spirit guides, look at past lives, the energy that is around you. Clairvoyant readings look to find out what is affecting you from a spiritual and energetic perspective.

  • Are there people in your life you've known from previous lives? You probably already have an idea!  Is there that person you feel like you've known forever?  Is there someone you feel contrary to, for no apparent reason?  Ask more about that story.

  • Ever wonder why your relative or friend acted the way they did?   Find out more. 

  • Do you find yourself in the same situation over and over? What are you as spirit trying to learn?  Find out how your past is asking to be healed, and what's going on in your life that's asking for attention.  

  • What's deep inside you waiting to come out?  

  • Who supports youWhere do you find validation and reward? Who are those people that love you, or challenge you? Find out who are the people in your life looking out for your best interests.   

  • Bad dreams? What are you doing on the astral planes while you sleep? Where are you traveling? Find out, and how you can you set your intention for a more restful and enjoyable dream space.

  • Are you in a rewarding career?  Do you like where you live?  Are you waiting to take next steps in your life?   Find out what prospects look like for you, and what you can do to help yourself. 

  • What are those big things in your life that you are learning?   

Clairvoyant readings are typically 1-2 typed pages in length and delivered via email

Opportunity for 1 follow up inquiry

Channeled Readings

Channeled Readings

Channeled readings offer the opportunity to hear directly from spirit on aspects of your life. Spirits are kind and comprehensive teachers and healers, yet they tell it like it is - be that encouraging or a bit of a lecture. Get the big picture on the energy affecting you in your life.

We are guided to choose the highest vibration beings who understand the communication you need.  

  • What is the big picture of your life?

  • How are you navigating life?

  • What is being requested of you as you look at current challenges?

  • What are you creating?

  • What are your life challenges are telling you?

  • Ask your own question - see Tips on Asking Questions, and Example Questions

These are not specific spirits you request - we will not typically channel your mother or other loved ones.   

Channeled readings are typically 1-2 pages in length and are delivered via email

Opportunity for 1 follow up inquiry

One on One

One on One

This is a live, 1 hour, phone reading and healing

This is a free-format opportunity to communicate directly, ask a lot of follow up questions​, and get a healing.   We can explore any topic you are working on.

In these one on one sessions, we can explore any topic you are working on - 

  • Why do I keep injuring myself or getting sick?

  • What's happening with my family or living space?

  • What am I learning by going through these challenges?

  • Why can't I see what's occurring in my life?

  • What is the bigger picture?

  • What's going on that I feel tired or stuck?

  • What are some techniques that can help me with my energy?

Readings also include healings during the session.  We automatically bring in healing beings that work with your highest intent as a soul and shift energy during the reading

We arrange a date & time. 12Suns calls you at the appointment time. US availability only.

Home and Business Clearnings

Home and Business Clearings

We look at the physical location place energetically and work with healing beings to transmute the energy that is not neutral or in resonance with you.   Buildings collect energy just like they collect dust. If you are moving into a new space, or need a clearing from people who have been there, home and office clearings are an excellent way to reset the space you spend time in.

When people spend a lot of time in a space, that space resonates with the energy that was processed there. If you have been through a lot of changes, have been in a place for a long time, or are new to a place, it can be extremely helpful to reset the energy. This is especially true for apartments that have been lived in many times, or older buildings that may contain the energy from previous generations. Great for move-ins, as well as spring-cleaning.

Remember, it's not you!   Energy shifts and changes all the time, spirits come and go - it's all natural patterns and it helps to reset them regularly.   

Do you have a room that's makes you feel uncomfortable?

Do you have the sensation of a lot of activity you don't understand?

Do you have the sense that you don't own the space where you live?

Do there seem to be dead energy spaces in your home?

  • Shift uncomfortable energy from your building or apartment

  • Clear beings that have taken up residence in your home or office

  • Break down any energy vortexes that have set up in your home

  • Reset the space to neutral or supportive energy

Home and Business Clearings typically take 60-90 minutes and are performed without having to be at the physical site.  Send us the location and a description of the site, along with anything you notice about it. 

These services are typically performed over the phone, in a One on One, live telephone format.   We arrange a date & time. 12Suns calls you at the appointment time. US availability only.

Aura Healings

Aura Healings

We look at your aura space and use healing guides to shift energy. These healings ease and release energy from your space. We let you know what we found and moved. We can focus on information you submit with your healing request, and work you in spirit to deliver information to you at that level, as well as move the energy. If you have visitors in your space, we'll check in with them and let you know. It's up to you to determine if you want to release them.

  • Energy in your space from work, family, friends

  • Energy in your space from environmental happenings

    • Recent public or private events​

    • Exposure to electronics 

  • Energy in your space that's affecting your ability to feel comfortable in the body

  • You can submit requests about specific aspects of your healing on the order page

  • 12Suns does not perform medical intuitive services

Aura healings typically take place over a 20-30 minute period.   Follow-up comments of about 1 typed page in length and are delivered via email

Opportunity for 1 follow up inquiry

Special Requests

Special Requests

Do you have a request, idea or inquiry and would like to contact us?  You bet!


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