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Hello!  I'm Jen White and I started 12Suns along with my spirit guides, friends and associates.  Here's a picture of me on a recent float trip - just some weekend fun. 

As a child, I saw auras, past lives and various beings (love the fairies!). As an adult, I've been reading, teaching and healing others for nearly fifteen years.

I also teach classes at a local psychic center. This work sings to my heart and spirit,
and keeps my energy moving.  


I love exploring our world, and one of my strengths is seeing how you and others interact with one another - for example, what happened that your family always seems to be in some state, why did your relative or friend do what they did, how is it that some other person can't seem to have who you are, why are you always blaming yourself, what are you being invited to learn or forgive?  

12Suns is dedicated to communicating from spirit, healing, and teaching. We applaud you making the choices that enhance who you are within, and show that light to the world.

It's easy to get confused by all the goings on here on planet Earth. We all need reminders that we are so much more than the what we do, and how we navigate in the day-to-day. 

As spirits having these earthly adventures, 12Suns understands we need to reach out to one another.  We all have an innate desire to be recognized for who we are, what we feel, where we are, how we exist. Often we walk through life not being seen as the spirits we are, but for the bodies we have, or the life path we have chosen.   

As we evolve as individuals and species, this is part of our path together - to recognize who we are in spirit. There are many of us working to hold light for everyone, and that includes you! 

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