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Clairvoyant Reading Samples
Sample Clairvoyant

Question:   What does my aura tell you about me?

When I first see you, I see a very light person. Sincere and genuine, but never heavy (heaven forbid). I see strong physical energy.  


Family-wise, it looks as though you are devoted to a younger female sibling and that you have another you see as a brother. You get along with your family. 


Along with the light side of you I see another that can do these in-depth investigations – considered, intense, searching, detailed – really digging into things of interest to you. You can really peel information off of a larger whole very well. 


Another thing that I get with you is that you can be, for lack of a better word, perhaps flighty. For all the digging and extracting of information you can do here, your spirit spends a lot of time traveling about. Along with this you are SO not into heavy responsibility – it’s as though that’s the last thing you want in your life. You want nothing more than to be carefree. 


Along with that, you have a large part of you where your mind wanders and thinks about other things – things you consider, examine. You are totally capable of cataloging detail, and you seem to do it mentally and your mind wanders to those things you are curious about. It’s not unusual for you to find your mind somewhere else. 


As for your aura specifically - 

Your 1st layer shows you have a lot of physical energy.


In your 2nd layer again I see a gayness I referred to, and again see you as a little flighty. It can be very hard to pin you down sometimes. You don't like to commit because you've been hammered about being "wrong" in the past.


Your 3rd layer – You have a rich ability to support others emotionally / spiritually. There’s innate knowledge there.  


4th  your heart layer - there's a part here that denies your gifts. You don’t value the level of energy and awareness you have, and so feel as though you have to make excuses for yourself not being this and not being that. But, no one would care, so you don’t really need to bring it up. It looks like your mom has she pushed you to stay with “the program” since you have such an ability to travel in your mind and spirit. That's caused you to doubt yourself. Value your ability to explore the way you do.


5th – communication – giggly. Again that lightness - never heavy. 


6th layer. You spend so much more time / focus in spirit, than in the earth laden part of your life, but you wonder about spirituality. Sometimes you ask, is spirit real or an illusion? Within, you know your answer.


7th – again very light, airy. You practically float around like a fairy, and you'd prefer to be there.

You have an innate ability to explore and understand spirit, and you also have the capacity to be very focused, see things in great detail, and take from them what you choose to learn. You work and live on multiple levels. Have fun with it - you can learn how to focus when you want to, and how to explore when you want to.

Question:   I would like information about my relationship with (name), and some insight into past lives involved in it


He's a pretty direct guy, isn't he? I see him facing you most directly, with his energy coming from his willful, power center at you. He's restrained, but seems to want you to do it his way. It also looks as though he uses intellectual ability to make his case.  

I don't see you responding much. You appear to be on the receiving side - somewhat puzzled at what he's about. I might say it's remarkable at how much you do not seem to respond.  

Let's look at some past lives.  

The first one I see has you and he - same male/female roles as this life. You are calm and of modest means.  He's a vendor and a rather aggressive one. I see him wanting to repair a wheel for you. He seems to believe that you must use his services. There's no prior knowledge between you and he in that life. He even questions himself as to why he pushed himself to you in that aggressive way.  

So let's go farther back. In another life you are a young woman - well-to-do and frankly, spoiled. You have decided you do not like a service that has been provided to you by him and have rejected him and all payment after he invested time, energy and money on the project. He's angry and feels unjustly treated.  

Let's look at one more. In yet another past life I see you flirting with him but not being serious. He wants to know if you are serious.  

These lives have a pattern.  You were the controlling influence in the earlier ones, and he was on the receiving end. Then he wanted to switch the dynamic - have that controlling influence in the aggressive vendor role. Now he is again wanting to have some controlling influence, but does it more intellectually. 

Don't you love karma? Consider forgiveness for both of you.

Question:   What do you see for career/money and soul mate in the upcoming year? 

I see you are wide open and ready for some fun! A tad shy, but wanting nothing more than to be fully engaged in life endeavors. It looks to me like you really want to create a lot in life. There's a lot of energy in your aura that shows that - and your attention is very much there as well. You have good communication skills, and an openness to explore.  

I see you looking at the upcoming year with all of those traits - and optimism and eagerness. It also looks like you can be very practical.  

I see that you will have a new employment contact with a male who is open and honest - unquestionably of moral standards. It looks like you will be offered a position of employment in his modest but nice shop. This looks like before mid-year. The money will be enough for now. Even though you'd like more, you don't need that much so there's no sacrifice.  

It looks as though you may meet a nice young man toward the end of the year. I see mutual enjoyment but not the soul mate level. That will come later - past this year.

Your guides want you to keep enjoying yourself. This keeps you in a good space and keeps the energy around you flowing very well. 

Question:   What do you see for me in the upcoming year?

You have a full life already, lots of interactions with people, lots of involvements. It also looks as though many of these will remain much the same for the upcoming year. You have built a considerable amount of structure into your life with these activities, and that remains stable. You have a lot of expertise, and schools or similar institutions will continue to be in your life.

I see you as bashful, yet very much wanting to manifest and show yourself in a new way. You are working to bloom and come into your own.  You are capable in what you do, and want to build on and create a new aspect to your existing activities. That is where you are going, and you will start to more deeply blend your identity with your work this year.

In many ways your current work is fulfilling, but you also want to update it. You want to represent who you are in a bolder way. You play multiple roles in your life and your inner focus is a very strong one. Although you have plenty of associations, there are relatively few close, personal ones. You are inherently private, but you have so much going on within, you want to represent that inner self more to the world. You have the foundation, and a clear picture of how you want to reinvent parts of yourself. You will make significant steps forward this year, building on the framework you already have, in news ways. 

Mom is sort of an ever present factor - always there, nearby. She will continue to play that role this year (grain of salt there). Maybe consider that you are creating your own rules for your life, and while you love and respect your mom, her rules are hers / yours are yours. Go with your own rules.

Sample Channeled
Channeled Reading  Samples

Question:   Will I have another committed relationship in this life?

The being I am connected with is Marla - 

You are the picture of consistency and equanimity and commitment. You have committed you life to caring for others. Your entire life has been built around that role.  

As you find you have more time in your life, you are wanting to back fill with more charges to care for. If you want a love relationship, you will want to change that perspective of wanting another person to care for. Your pattern has been strong and consistent and should you choose to change it, you can.  But you are at a loss to know what else you would do with your life.  

Your healing and care taking others is very generous but you give all your energy and time to others.  Yes you find this rewarding but it is a workers life. One that you can continue if you choose.  But you don't have to if you choose not to. 

How can you have another relationship when you are completely committed to your existing life?  To your existing charges, to your existing commitments, to you your existing methods where you are  a caretaker? Having a relationship requires independence and the ability to care take but also the ability to allow independence for each individual.  There are places to share and there are places to have self.  

I can see that you are a committed person with a tremendous amount to give but you cannot approach a love relationship in the way you have approached your children and those you care take.  This means finding a new method for you to interact with others and also finding that space within yourself to be able to be an individual without having to care take others.  

As I speak to your spirit I'm seeing some change in your energy pattern even now.  This is a little foreign to you, it's not a way you are used to being.  

There is some fear.  Your relations have been so close, that the concept of independence for yourself is not one you have spent a lot of time with.  Yes you are strong, yes you've been alone in ways - that's not the same thing as allowing independence in a relationship.  

If you choose to find a man that you can care take, you can do that, but that will just be another charge for you to take care.  

If you are interested in a relationship that can grow and become more than you can imagine you have to spend the time to find within yourself that creative energy to be independent, and to share - and only to care take a little and not all the time.  

Consider this - I know it is a lot.  But it could certainly shift the patterns in your life if you are ready to do that.  I see that since your space is not as full as it used to be of care taking that perhaps this is a time that you can consider shifting that.  Don't be daunted that this seems foreign to you.  It is foreign to you.  Look at it as an opportunity should you choose to take it to grow in new directions. 

Those around you will wonder what you are doing, and you don't even have to answer them.  Those that you have care taken may demand that you return to care taking them. Again you don't need to put your life aside for them.  This is an opportunity to live and find new things in your life to give to yourself that don't require care taking.  


Should you choose to make these changes you're a lovely person and can certainly find joy in a relationship.  So again - this communication is to consider your options.  And consider if you really want to go in a new direction.  If you choose, try looking at your interactions with the world a little differently things will shift, things will change naturally.  That's the way it works. 


I see you as a hopeful person.  So enjoy the considering.  If you choose to move ahead they'll be some bumps because so many people have expectations of you continuing to care give,  but you can do as you choose. And choosing is a very powerful force. 

Question:   When and where will I meet my soul mate?

I am channeling Dareanus –


I see you want very specific information about meeting your soul mate.  This is not the way the universe works all the time.  You have work to do.  Your soul mate has work to do.  Each of you has choice and free will.  You can alter the path – your path – at any time.  Therefore being able to identify places and times is simply not practical.  It’s very simple to shift by days or weeks or even years because of the choices that we make today.  Pre-destiny does not necessarily work like concrete shoes. 


You choose your destiny thru choices that you make every second of every moment of every day.  Do you understand?   Your universe functions through those choices, as it’s really up to you to recognize how it works, and not vice versa.


It’s up to you to choose how to create your life so that when you meet your soul mate you are prepared – so you can recognize and be the truest person that you can be. 


I’d like to say again it is your job to prepare yourself to meet your soul mate and that means being the most genuine and true to yourself as you can be. Many times we find that when a person is ready the universe automatically opens to them. 


You understand what that means.  And that is why I say to prepare yourself.  To be the generous person that you are. 


To require knowledge ahead of time is a waste of your time now because you would be frozen in time waiting for that moment to come.  And it may come and go if you have taken no steps to grow and prepare yourself.  You would be better served by using each moment of each day to create to create your life to stand in your truth. 


You have only to make the choice.  And it is available to you.  You have a tremendous support system – spirits that know and understand, care about and support you every step. 


Please know you are important and whether you are actively engaged with your soul mate  or not, it is you that holds the keys to unlocking your own power and sharing yourself with the rest of us – with the rest of the universe.  So please step into recognizing your value and your soul mate will show when the time is right. 

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